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December 9, 2009

Hey peeps from around america!!! i know i havent beem on i know you guys heard my funny (it was sooo not funny) story why. If you didnt you should. Ok. Ima tell you about my day. HA HA HA prepare to laugh.

Ok as you can see im doing christmas colors todayy. I will be ding this still the month of December is over…..yah! Ok.

Well, we had mass today at school and my best friend Kaliegh fainted. That sucks because she was all jolly today cuz she just got a new cell fone the Env 3 for her birthday!!! Which was like yesterdayy. So prayty for Kaliegh America!

ok. In math class I answered a question and i forgot the correct name for it but i changed the word to “thingy” So i was like “There a a pattern of those thingys because the thingys add the numbers oof sumthing bla bla bla” hahahahahaahha the whole classs stated laughing. Then my math teacher sed sumthing like”dunkers” or sumthing like that i cant remember. And sooMy friend Cluadia (santas wife (jk!!!!)) sed ewwww i dont even wannas know what that means and a started dieing with laughter (she sits rite next to me)I hate me=ath even though i have a A- in it but, its all gooood!!!!!! yahy!

ok. lets talk about the *contest* it has been delayed!!!! Im so sorry guys but till i get a new computer im not capable of doing it. well, i have a destop computer(im on it now) but its a long story. But i promise I have to have that contest soon!! i promise!! Maybe on christmas dayy!! (if i get a new computer(pleeeessseeeeeee)) Ok =[ So I neeed to think of sumthing to do for the month!! ugh. this is soooo hard!!!!!!111 ughhhh!!!!!!! omgggg!! can you guys believe this bull crapp!!!!  I cant even though I have no cclue what i am tallking about! ahhh im sooo like panicing!!!!!ugh. ok ima calm down (lol) ok. end of the storyy.


Ok there are all types of kids with all type of cancers and its up to you to save a life. St.Judes Childrens hospital. Google it! Get money and send it there if you need the addresss i will give it to you. Help save lifes. Please I am. Im doing a math-a-thon to help the sick (cancer) Google it!  No really help them. If you read this and dont even care. You suck eggs!!(i hope nmo one doesnt care about this) Care!!Care!!Care!! Help!!!Help!!Help!!so any ?’s just ask. Bye




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