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December 9, 2009

HEYY GUYS I HAVE BAD NEWS I HAVE TO DELAY ALL MY PLANS FOR THE BLOG THIS CHRISTMAS UMM HERES WHY. MY LABTOPS SCREEN CRACKEDM AND IM HOPING TO GET A LABTOP FOR CHRISTMAS. I HOPE. BUT I GUESS I CAN DO A LITTLE BIT ON THE PHONE I WILL TRY MY BEST BUT FOR NOW I WILL WRITE TRY TO WRITE THE BLOG AS SOON AS I CAN DO AND SO MAYBE THREE TIMES A WEEK. IM SO SORRY. I WONT BE ABLE TO ADD PICTURES THOUGJ YEAHH. ANDD I HAD SOME AWESOME PICS TOO….. AWWW I PROMISE ILL USE TJE PHONE AND ILL ASK MY MOM TO USE HER LABTOP.OR I CAN JUST GO TO THE LIBRARRYY. BUT I WILL POST SUM TWITTERS SO I,, POST SUM IFORMATIIONN ON THERR JUST CLICK ON THE T TO GO TO MY TWITTER. the quote of the dayy is going tobe never give up cuz thes hope around the conner hopfulyy.  the word of the dayy is obtain which means to get. ok letsd talk aboiut school todayy. okayy i a,most feel asleep in music c,lass cuzof my borringg music teachher singing opra and diude it drives me nuts. ugh…at recess i was frezzing rthts one thibg thts bad about living in cleveland ohio the coldness out side but yay thers no snoww outside yaaaaayyyyy mee well yay us clevelanders yay so happy but yeah so we pkayyed kick ball and at my skool we havre sum good kickers itds like crazyy dude…..omgg.oh yeahh back to school.well the rst of the dayy was ok..oh wait..during science this weird boyy named zack was acting liuke oziee ozborn he was like. sharonn im so confused..sharrrroooonnn hahha then my bff sed shutt upp and told the teacher… mr.g oh did i meantion hes a sub… i dnt thibk so but yeah hes a subb.i cnt prononce jhes whole last namee itss soo weirds its like mr.golopoisgurdiee or sumthangg like tht u feel me yay hsahahajha sorry i cant type on this thing its verry hard.. har har ani ment to put har har.

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