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December 10, 2009

Hey guys! dont forget about the contest! if you didnt hear about it then make sure you look at yesterdays posts.

School, nothing interesting happened unfortantly. But Im about to go to my basketball game at 6 but i gotta be there at 5:30 we play St. Marks. My school rival. grrr….GOOO COUGARS!! I will be on later to tell you guys if we won or not and the score. well its not a game its a scramage. Booo lions. Im kidding, i have good sportsman ship. Wohhohoh!1 my game is in an hour. its 4:10PM.(united states,ohio) well thats about it. is christmas dayy. Tell santa(me for rite now) what you want for christmas.(type it in a comment, i will replyy…..


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