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December 11, 2009

Ha! i think i spelled Bonjour worng.. but watevr!
Heyy weirdo’s beyond the this crazy world. Im about to go to target but i think i have time to say a few words. Im so sorry i havent been doing word of the day and quote of the day and all that stuff but I will do that Know. *opens up dictonary*  ……okay the word is weirdo. werido: a person that acts weird. and incourages others to be werid too. lolz….=]  Quote of the day. “Live Laugh love share joy and hope is the way to be.
Angelina Jolie(idiot) thinks that obama shouldnt be our president because her isnt doing anything that she likes. Well this is what i think about that idiot. *smmmmaaackkk* she deserves a big smack on the cheek. It was either mccain or obama well bassically it was either palin or obama bc mccain is about to die soon. seriously why would you run for president at the age of 70?? not smart. not smart at all. Like seriously would you run for president at that age?? if you sed yes yopu have to be kiddin me!!???!!!! like whats up with that…….(comment) but thats just my sugestion. what do you have to say??(truth)
heres the joke i was supposed to tell you guys.  okay there was a gay guy and a straight guy. The were dirving to the mall and the gay guy said “stop the car early bc the light is about to change to red in 3 seconds. in 3 seconds sure enough the light turned red. the sraight guy sed to the gay guy ” how did you know that??” gay guy replied “gay guys know everything. so then the gay guy told the staraight guy to go bc the light is aboiut to change to red in 3 seconds. sure enough the light turned to green in 3 seconds. the staright guy sed to the gay guy “how did you know that.” he replied “gay guys know everythiung. so they got to the mall and…….Wait (pause the story) you know those stairs in the mall that move to take you to the other level???????
I will finish that story when people reply. well,what are you guys getting you families for christmas?????? Ohh i might have a cool contest at the end of christmas time so be prepared and tell your friends about my blogg please!!!!

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