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Como estas homies!!(wait isnt it amigo’s?)

December 15, 2009

Hey humans i will be up posting things about the contest and also about someother things! yay. But i also need to no how to give you guys prizes for the cotest so just look at news and all the info you need to know will be there.
Well usually i would tell you guys a funny story that happened today in my funny life but…..i cant. today was  NORMAL day . uh! i never have NORMAL days. omgg im becoming NORMAL nooooo!!!! Im melting…….uhooh…… ____________________HA! gotta! you thought i melted…. you silly goose…. lolz.  But i think im becoming a normal human being now. about 2/5 of one. Yay! that a yay??
So dont forget to check out news to find out what to find out and i will just stack that on top of what I have there.So you guys can look at last weeks news.
Merry Christmas!!!!

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