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Merry Christmas Eve!!!!!

December 24, 2009

Hey guys I’ ve been getting alot of blog views and I just want to say thank you guys. Because without you I would be some old Lumppy Bologger with no life and be totally crappy. I want to know what you guys got for christmas tomorrow. Ok. I will post what I got. I hope I got  new Laptop. Im Praying to God for one. Im like, God, Please ill make a deal with you. if you get me a laptop I will be a good girl. Like stuff like that Im totally paranoid for a new laptop. I f i open all my gifts and there isnt a laptop, im going to cry. But Im super grateful for what my mom and dad get me.

Stardust(Sarah) reviewed my blog and she gave me an ok-ish. I thought she would really enjoy it but I guess I was Wrong. Check it out on her blogg. go to home page and scroll down and you will see it. If any  of you would like to Review my blog just review it and then link me it. Its mainly because I just basically made my blog so thats I totally Con. I kinda need help understanding this bull crap though so Im still learning. So by the end of Janurary i should have It all really really really down down down pack.

Guys dont forget about the contest . I have post all the Information under the contsest page. So view it and get all the Information down and turn in your beautiful art works and I will grade them and then prizes will be giving and then I will think of a new contest and I will make the winner page and it will look awesome. so if you want your picture on it then sign up, design the header, then send it, then win it!!

I cant wait to go see Alvin and The Chipmunk the Sequeal with my 3 best friends on …. well, i kinda dont know when. But i will make a post about it and grade it A+ A  A- B+ B  B- C+ C  C-  etc. i might go see it for New years.

Ha Ha. I just got to my aunts house and before we got here we went through Metro Parks to get her and a ranger pulled us over because he said my mom was going 45 in a 30 miles area. it was so funny. He was shinning his flash light in my face. But, he didn’t  give her a ticket because she showed him her badge because my dad is a police officer, he only gave her a citation(warning). Well I’m about to eat Christmas Eve dinner and I will continue this post afterwards. Bye =]



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