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Merry Christmas!!

December 25, 2009

Merry merrry christmas world. I just opened my christmas gifts and I got what I wanted. I got a mini Acer laptop. I cried when I got It my dad said go up stairs and make your bed up and so I did. But when I walked In i saw a laptop bag and the laptop in a box. I ran down stairs and gave my dad a hugee hug. Thank God. I cant believe this. It has a webcam and its blue. yay. so, what did you guys get for christmas. oh yeah, I got a whole bunch of areopastle sweaters and blue skinny leg jeans. Merry Christmas.

Guys dont forget about the contest. Look in the contest page and then get the information and I will remind those who signed up to make the header there is prizes. Cool prizes. (I THINK) Today till janurary 6th is the last days to sign up. then you have the 6th to the 11th(my b-day) to make the header.

Well, its the end of our journeous wonderful glorious day. Christmas was great and I really enjoyed it and I  hope you guys really enjoyed your day. Remember, today isnt about all the gift.(I leaarned like 2 days ago) Its about sharing and loving and enjoment and spending time with your families.(well, i think, im just talking.) (yeah, it is that.) So yeah if you dont get what you want,dont overaxaturate about it. espeacially stuff really exspencive. So just a little speech. Well hope you guys ENOJYED your christmas. Ps. a nice christmas song to listen to is “The first Noel” did you guys know that it was actually spelled in english nowell. Noel is the french way.(I think,or is it Latin)


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