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Lady Gaga!?! Hermaphrodite?

December 29, 2009


Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh pa pa pa pokerface pa pa pokerface. Is Lady Gaga a man?? there is pictures all over google shows her GENITALES. theres something she just isnt telling the press. It something big. Im not trying to start any rumors or anything. Im a huge fan of Lady Gaga but after this i dont think so. Maybe. I just dont know! Fans of Lady Gaga Im soo dearly soorrry but theres somthing underneath that leatair, and its somthing we ALL dont want to see. The press says theres no eveidence and they cant just go to her concert or anything and rip off her leatair. So theirs no evidence. No evidence at all.What do you have to say about it? that picture is scary!!

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