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Happy Birthday

January 11, 2010

Happy Birthday to me. Happy Birthday to me. Happy Birthday to me. Yay Im _ years old. Yay. Janurary 11th, 2010. But whatever about my birthday No one cares anymore. Neither do I. So like theres my B.F.F.A.A.L (Kelsie) and I went over to her house and we were talking right, well talking about our family tree project presentation and she said that she was at a fart moment which is like you dont know what to say and I was dieing with laughter.Ok. Well Today is the last day for the contest. To bad no one turned it in but people did sign up but really I dont understand why …but? Umm. Idk. Mhmm. So confused. Lol:) HA! Well soo TTYL Oh. yeah if you wanna know what B.F.F.A.A.L means it is best friend forever and after life. Duh. well boys should not know what that means. Only girls. Texting usage. 🙂


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