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Thank You!!

January 24, 2010

Thank you guys so much!! I just checked my stats and I am at 450 views!! Thank you guys so freaking much. I don’t know what Hiyya would do with out you guys. This is like a dream come true for me because I never really thought people actually liked it or viewed it. I thought I was like writing posts to myself. But I’m not!! Thank You Thank You Thank You!!

make sure you guys tell your friends and other bloggers on wordpress to check out my blog. It would mean the world to me. But there is ONE thing thats driving me crazy, NO SUBSCRIBERS. Oh yeah that makes me really happy. Yep Mhmm. Super happy (sarcastically)

Don’t forget about my contest. You guys have alot of time to design. But no one signed up yet so im just waiting. Waiting and Waiting and waiting. Till someone says I would like to join your contest. But ya know. Still waiting for that special moment (I am so dramatic.)

Check Out this Awesome website. Subscribe and WATCH their stuff (well there aa new web show and there working on there first one. So just show some LOVE!! Check It Out—–> And there other ones—->

Oh yeah. If you join the contest you are automatically added to my bloggroll so join the contest.

I need your help. What should I make my header. I want something Valentines Day related. Help me Please. Lol. No really HELP me.

Haha! Did you guys hear that one song with that one dude? American Idol “Pants on the ground” By: General Larry Platts. Lol Its Halarious.

Please Take this Poll and be TRUTHFUL PLEASE!!


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