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February 6, 2010

Sorry I havn’t been posting anything lately. Im working on a new blog. Its for girls who like to read. Its a book club if you want to join it, well u cant now but tommorrow you will. Ill tell you later how to get there. Its not done yet. But soon it should be. Im adding designs and other things.  Im trying to find a name for it so if you have any idea’s let me know ASAP( as soon as possible).

Well Valentines Day is coming up soon and Its creeping up on us. Im gonna find a cool header and write on it stuff. So Make sure you guys come see it soon. Lol. Im actually working on my other blog…as i already told you, But can yall please let your friends know about it. Its a cool place where you can conversate with others and enjoy nice books. And If you write books or columns or even Novels. I will take them and post them on the blog and tell people to look at it and I ll make sure They know I didnt write it. But, I do write stuff like that. I luv Vampires so thats what there mosty about. I will add on to this later. Bye.


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