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Haiti Earthquake

January 21, 2010

Hey Guys. This is a tough time right now.Haiti had a earthquake a couple of days ago. Many died and some were hidden in rubble and some are searching for loved one too. 😦  Red Cross is helping many people on their hospital ship. Red Cross needs more supplies to give to Haiti. Go to your nearest News Channel Station Place and drop off anything. Heres a list of things that they need.

  • Bottled Water
  • Sleeping Bag
  • Aid kits
  • Covers
  • Pillows
  • Clothing
  • FOOD!!! They Need food!!

Or you can donate money, Maybe more than 9 dollars. Which is 10 dollars or more!!

Thank You:)



Happy Birthday

January 11, 2010

Happy Birthday to me. Happy Birthday to me. Happy Birthday to me. Yay Im _ years old. Yay. Janurary 11th, 2010. But whatever about my birthday No one cares anymore. Neither do I. So like theres my B.F.F.A.A.L (Kelsie) and I went over to her house and we were talking right, well talking about our family tree project presentation and she said that she was at a fart moment which is like you dont know what to say and I was dieing with laughter.Ok. Well Today is the last day for the contest. To bad no one turned it in but people did sign up but really I dont understand why …but? Umm. Idk. Mhmm. So confused. Lol:) HA! Well soo TTYL Oh. yeah if you wanna know what B.F.F.A.A.L means it is best friend forever and after life. Duh. well boys should not know what that means. Only girls. Texting usage. 🙂

Alivin and the Chimpmunks the squeakquel.

January 8, 2010

Omg i went to see the new alvin and the chimpmucks and like I said , i will be grading and will be reviewing it. And so here it is.

Funny Parts

Chipets singing

Dodgeball scene

Football scene

Well there wasnt a lot of funny parts as you can see.  Actually there wasnt alot of cool parts or anything. So actually I will have to say that The first Alvin and the Chimpmunks the christmas one was funnier they could have done much more to make it funnier. So i will give Alvin and the Chimpmunks ….an B- Other reviewers gave the movie an C+ but watever. So you might like the movie but its your decision.


Lady Gaga!?! Hermaphrodite?

December 29, 2009


Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh pa pa pa pokerface pa pa pokerface. Is Lady Gaga a man?? there is pictures all over google shows her GENITALES. theres something she just isnt telling the press. It something big. Im not trying to start any rumors or anything. Im a huge fan of Lady Gaga but after this i dont think so. Maybe. I just dont know! Fans of Lady Gaga Im soo dearly soorrry but theres somthing underneath that leatair, and its somthing we ALL dont want to see. The press says theres no eveidence and they cant just go to her concert or anything and rip off her leatair. So theirs no evidence. No evidence at all.What do you have to say about it? that picture is scary!!

Happy New Year!

December 29, 2009

Hey peeps! Its almost New year. The 2,010 years that our would has been here. Thanks for all the hard work and support we all put into the world. Well as you can see I can use Green and Red anymore since we..well its not christmas. So i guess I’ll just be using random colors.

Don’t forget about the contest. I will be sending our reminders also. You still have time to sign up. Go to the “contest” page for more and even more information. Including prizes ways to sign up and many others.



Merry Christmas!!

December 25, 2009

Merry merrry christmas world. I just opened my christmas gifts and I got what I wanted. I got a mini Acer laptop. I cried when I got It my dad said go up stairs and make your bed up and so I did. But when I walked In i saw a laptop bag and the laptop in a box. I ran down stairs and gave my dad a hugee hug. Thank God. I cant believe this. It has a webcam and its blue. yay. so, what did you guys get for christmas. oh yeah, I got a whole bunch of areopastle sweaters and blue skinny leg jeans. Merry Christmas.

Guys dont forget about the contest. Look in the contest page and then get the information and I will remind those who signed up to make the header there is prizes. Cool prizes. (I THINK) Today till janurary 6th is the last days to sign up. then you have the 6th to the 11th(my b-day) to make the header.

Well, its the end of our journeous wonderful glorious day. Christmas was great and I really enjoyed it and I  hope you guys really enjoyed your day. Remember, today isnt about all the gift.(I leaarned like 2 days ago) Its about sharing and loving and enjoment and spending time with your families.(well, i think, im just talking.) (yeah, it is that.) So yeah if you dont get what you want,dont overaxaturate about it. espeacially stuff really exspencive. So just a little speech. Well hope you guys ENOJYED your christmas. Ps. a nice christmas song to listen to is “The first Noel” did you guys know that it was actually spelled in english nowell. Noel is the french way.(I think,or is it Latin)

Merry Christmas Eve!!!!!

December 24, 2009

Hey guys I’ ve been getting alot of blog views and I just want to say thank you guys. Because without you I would be some old Lumppy Bologger with no life and be totally crappy. I want to know what you guys got for christmas tomorrow. Ok. I will post what I got. I hope I got  new Laptop. Im Praying to God for one. Im like, God, Please ill make a deal with you. if you get me a laptop I will be a good girl. Like stuff like that Im totally paranoid for a new laptop. I f i open all my gifts and there isnt a laptop, im going to cry. But Im super grateful for what my mom and dad get me.

Stardust(Sarah) reviewed my blog and she gave me an ok-ish. I thought she would really enjoy it but I guess I was Wrong. Check it out on her blogg. go to home page and scroll down and you will see it. If any  of you would like to Review my blog just review it and then link me it. Its mainly because I just basically made my blog so thats I totally Con. I kinda need help understanding this bull crap though so Im still learning. So by the end of Janurary i should have It all really really really down down down pack.

Guys dont forget about the contest . I have post all the Information under the contsest page. So view it and get all the Information down and turn in your beautiful art works and I will grade them and then prizes will be giving and then I will think of a new contest and I will make the winner page and it will look awesome. so if you want your picture on it then sign up, design the header, then send it, then win it!!

I cant wait to go see Alvin and The Chipmunk the Sequeal with my 3 best friends on …. well, i kinda dont know when. But i will make a post about it and grade it A+ A  A- B+ B  B- C+ C  C-  etc. i might go see it for New years.

Ha Ha. I just got to my aunts house and before we got here we went through Metro Parks to get her and a ranger pulled us over because he said my mom was going 45 in a 30 miles area. it was so funny. He was shinning his flash light in my face. But, he didn’t  give her a ticket because she showed him her badge because my dad is a police officer, he only gave her a citation(warning). Well I’m about to eat Christmas Eve dinner and I will continue this post afterwards. Bye =]