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Im Back!!!

June 3, 2010

Hey guys sorrreh i havent been on anymore but that has now changed. If  you like reading, check out my new website, its awesome. I’ve been super busy with fam issues and all tht other stuff, including skool even though tuesday is my last day!!  yay!!!!!



February 6, 2010

Sorry I havn’t been posting anything lately. Im working on a new blog. Its for girls who like to read. Its a book club if you want to join it, well u cant now but tommorrow you will. Ill tell you later how to get there. Its not done yet. But soon it should be. Im adding designs and other things.  Im trying to find a name for it so if you have any idea’s let me know ASAP( as soon as possible).

Well Valentines Day is coming up soon and Its creeping up on us. Im gonna find a cool header and write on it stuff. So Make sure you guys come see it soon. Lol. Im actually working on my other blog…as i already told you, But can yall please let your friends know about it. Its a cool place where you can conversate with others and enjoy nice books. And If you write books or columns or even Novels. I will take them and post them on the blog and tell people to look at it and I ll make sure They know I didnt write it. But, I do write stuff like that. I luv Vampires so thats what there mosty about. I will add on to this later. Bye.

Happy Anniversary !!

January 26, 2010

Happy 50th Anniversary Bubble wrap!! Today is the 50th birthday or watever of bubble wrap. But did you know that 50 years ago bubble wrap was actually used for wall paper? Well yeah it is!! Omg. You also can do other things with it like…Paint! Don’t you just love popping the bubble wrap? I do!! Its super fun!! Oh, i love it.

This week is also Truth week so I WANT TRUTH!!! LOL:) Take this Poll.

Check this out!!

January 26, 2010

Today I am deciding to advertise for some reason. Help these awesome rappers become famous. If you like rap. I like rap sometimes so watever. But heres there stuff. Oh, wait. If anyone wants me to advertise anything for them I will do so. No problem.

(My bro is Kiddo, The one who has the stongest voice)

Thanks Guys so much. Listen to their other music too. LOL:)


Thank You!!

January 24, 2010

Thank you guys so much!! I just checked my stats and I am at 450 views!! Thank you guys so freaking much. I don’t know what Hiyya would do with out you guys. This is like a dream come true for me because I never really thought people actually liked it or viewed it. I thought I was like writing posts to myself. But I’m not!! Thank You Thank You Thank You!!

make sure you guys tell your friends and other bloggers on wordpress to check out my blog. It would mean the world to me. But there is ONE thing thats driving me crazy, NO SUBSCRIBERS. Oh yeah that makes me really happy. Yep Mhmm. Super happy (sarcastically)

Don’t forget about my contest. You guys have alot of time to design. But no one signed up yet so im just waiting. Waiting and Waiting and waiting. Till someone says I would like to join your contest. But ya know. Still waiting for that special moment (I am so dramatic.)

Check Out this Awesome website. Subscribe and WATCH their stuff (well there aa new web show and there working on there first one. So just show some LOVE!! Check It Out—–> And there other ones—->

Oh yeah. If you join the contest you are automatically added to my bloggroll so join the contest.

I need your help. What should I make my header. I want something Valentines Day related. Help me Please. Lol. No really HELP me.

Haha! Did you guys hear that one song with that one dude? American Idol “Pants on the ground” By: General Larry Platts. Lol Its Halarious.

Please Take this Poll and be TRUTHFUL PLEASE!!

New Updates.

January 23, 2010

Hey, I have a little bit of stuff to announce…

-I’m having a contest. Check out the contest page to find our about the contest. Dates, cool prizes, etc.

-About donations to Haiti or to St. Judes Hospital.

-Comment on the new interesting posts.

-and many more that i will write tomorrow to continue tomorrow.

Stop Abortion!!

January 22, 2010

Today is a very sad day.Today is the anniversary of Abortion. On this day in i think 1990 something or earlier the court made abortion legal. That was one of our country’s worst things they have EVER done. But its up to us to STOP ABORTION!!! i hate that babies are being murdered by their OWN mother. Thats really sad. Look at that picture. Thats devastating ABSOLUTELY!!! And it makes me so MAD about this that I just wanna punch someone. I went to mass today and I just listened to the hymonley and it was so sad. If you every witness or has an abortion and did nothing about it you should be ashamed! I dont wanna go futher research abortion to find more. No offence.:(